Saturday, November 18, 2017

Perkasa's hairy business 'uncovered'

FMT - Lawyer Nik Elin hits back at Perkasa (extracts):

Activist lawyer Nik Elin Rashid has accused Perkasa of blindness in matters of faith in retaliation against the group’s allegation that she is ignorant about Islam.

Speaking to FMT, she said Perkasa’s statement against her showed that it had failed to appreciate a famous saying of the Prophet to the effect that Islam allows for differences of opinion and another hadith, equally well known, about God’s love for seekers of knowledge.

Perkasa’s criticism came on Thursday in response to a Facebook post in which Nik Elin argued that the Quranic injunction regarding chastity did not mean that women must cover their hair.

Amini Amir Abdullah, who heads Perkasa’s Islamic affairs department, warned her against speaking on matters about which she had no knowledge. He urged religious authorities to prevent her from spreading “deviant” teachings.

Nik Elin said it appeared that Perkasa members believed Muslims were not permitted to think or express their thoughts.

“Who are they to point fingers and say my knowledge of Islam is limited?”

She said it was unfortunate that there were Muslims in the country who sought to allow only a single interpretation of Islam.

“The blessed Prophet is reported to have once remarked, ‘Differences of opinion in my community are a blessing.’ But in Malaysia nowadays, only a certain class of people are permitted to interpret the sacred texts, being given absolute authority in all matters relating to faith and law.

Perkasa and the Jabatan2 Agama Negeri plus Tai-Koe JAKIM don't like upstarts especially females like Nik Elin, Siti Kasim, Marina Mahathri, SIS (Zainah Anwar), etc. They want domination in Islamic indoctrination for power, for their own interests.

"If God is just as Islam is just, why do laws and policies made in the name of Islam create injustice?"

Furthermore, intelligent and well-educated women threaten them or rather, their coco-balls, wakakaka.

lelong lelong, bola Perkasa 

Thy coco-balls can be easily pulverised
By strength of our resolve and knowledge
We will then those smithereens sanitised
And make them for the cattle nice porridge


Pull the plug Chong Wei

Star Online - Chong Wei exits China Open (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's challenge at the China Open ended on Friday when national badminton ace, Datuk Lee Chong Wei (pic) went down to Angus Ng Ka Long of Hong Kong in the quarter-final.

Time to pull the plug Chong Wei. You are my hero and more than a hero in many Malaysian eyes but all good things have to come to an end one day. Retire with dignity.

Look in the bloody mirror first

FMT - Tudung rule for hotel frontline staff shows ‘private sector arrogance’ (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: The move by certain hotels to prohibit staff from wearing the tudung in frontline positions is due to the arrogance of the private sector in looking down on Malays and Muslims in the country, Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Tajuddin Abdul Rahman said.

The Umno MP for Pasir Salak said it showed that Malays and Muslims are being marginalised by private companies.

“They are revealing their attitude in requiring one to take off the tudung to work in hotels. What does it show? The arrogance of the private sector.”

“Tomorrow, when our children want to work somewhere, they will say: ‘You do not fulfil the conditions.’”

He said this when officiating at the signing of a memorandum of understanding between TAJ International College and a few public universities and companies here today.

Recently, the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) had defended its members’ policy of barring their frontline staff from donning the tudung, saying it was part of international practice and should not be considered discrimination.

MAH said it was a policy and standard operating procedure (SOP) followed by all hotels worldwide.

But none so arrogant, dismissal and disdainful of non Muslim rights as government bodies such as the police, military and civil service institutes eg. road transport departments (JPJ) etc.

PETALING JAYA: A woman had a shock at a Road Transport Department (JPJ) office when she was forced to wear a sarong or be refused service.

In a Facebook post, Suzanna G L Tan said she was at the JPJ office to transfer the ownership of her car after selling it.

She also posted a photograph of herself outside the office, wearing a blouse with a skirt that ended just above the knee. Another photograph showed her wearing a sarong sitting at the JPJ counter.

"I had to go to JPJ personally to sign the transfer form for the car I sold. That in itself is already a pain," Tan wrote.

"I go dressed like this. Indecent meh?" she asked in reference to her dressing in the photograph.

Tan said while she was at the counter to get a queue number when she was handed a sarong to wear "or they would not entertain me".

Friday, November 17, 2017

JAKIM - everything haram unless proven halal

Zan Azlee wrote in Malaysiakini about the questionable ways by the RM1 Billion per year budgeted JAKIM (extracts):

make sure birthday cakes are halal-certified by Jakim before allowing those in your eateries 

According to the teachings of Islam, the categorisation of what is halal and haram is actually much simpler than how the authorities make it out to be. What it basically states is that everything is halal unless proven otherwise.

So what it means is that there really is no need for any halal certification for anything. You can actually just consider every single food, or whatever product, to be halal unless you want to go and prove that it isn’t. Simple as that.

What would be considered haram? Anything that would bring harm to oneself if consumed, or meat that was not slaughtered by a Muslim or other People of the Book (Jews and Christians). Other than that, everything else is fair game.

It is even said by many credible Muslim scholars, such as Ma’aalum as-Sunan, that if meat is slaughtered in a country that is predominantly Christian or Jewish, there is no need to doubt if it is halal or not. Any meat can be considered halal without having to find out what the situation is.

In Malaysia, the manipulation of religion is very worrying. Instead of being simple, as Islam actually is, the religious authorities complicate matters. Instead of assuming everything is halal unless it is stated otherwise, they believe that everything is haram unless it is proven to be halal.

are Cadbury chocolates made with pork and brandy?

it's possible in Malaysia if you check the DNAs

'Tis the way bureaucracy in its worst form functions and JAKIM is notorious as one of the worst bureaucracy.

One of my Uncles who was in the military (actually there were more than one in the military and police, but we'll deal with this One) told me of a frustrating logistic situation he experienced.

One day he went to the logistic store at his base to request for a badge, a military insignia which would informed of his qualification/speciality, eg. paratrooper wings, etc - his old one was too tatty and would invite severe criticisms from the Boss for improper dressing.

The bloke at the store was known to be hostile to officers and while not exactly or openly insubordinate in his dealings with officers, would go out of his way to make things difficult for them.

His response to my Unc's request was that he had only one of the required insignia and therefore would have to hold on to that one left in the store "in case someone ask for it".

My Unc was gobsmacked flabbergasted by his imbecilic (but probably deliberately obdurate) response. But my Unc took very deliberate pains (with a controlled moderate voice) to tell the storekeeper that he (Unc) was the very person, indeed the very "someone" that fitted the storekeeper's concern in his "in case someone ask for it".

But that bloke was not moved nor impressed. He stuck doggedly with his mantra a la "No sir, I can't issue that last badge in the store to you in case someone ask for it", wakakaka.

After 20 minutes of to-ing and fro-ing with City Hall, my Unc gave up with the bloke and went directly to the boss of Logistic who immediately remedied my Unc's frustration with a curt phone call to his stubborn underling. Kow-tim-ed in MalaysiaBoleh style.

The above scenario might not be exactly the same as the procedures devised devilishly by a highly bureaucratic JAKIM but that's how bureaucracy could work, namely, to make things 'difficult' so as to justify the RM1 Billion per year budget.

If 'halal-ness' was too simple, how could its halal-certification department earn money from entities such as MacDonald, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Auntie Annie Pretzel Hot-Kuchings.

I am actually a cat masquerading as a chook 

JAKIM's absurdity went to the extent that it threatened Malaysian food outlets selling hot dogs to rename their products or risk being refused halal certification. It 'blamed' Muslim tourists for their frequent complaints after it imposed the 'siapa raja' ruling. Who the f**ks believe JAKIM?

JAKIM was also told to f**k off after it instructed Muslims not to keep dogs, a fatwa it did NOT have the authority to issue.

You can bet JAKIM will continue on its love of making life tough for Muslims.

And the worst of its obsessions was in its offer of its so-called expertise to Japan in order to assist them during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As Zan Azlee asked: What expertise does Jakim have when it comes to sports and the Olympics?

To warn Muslim sportspeople to beware of Cadbury chocolates, Auntie Annie Pretzel-Dogs, Birthday cakes at MacDonald, to keep clear of Japanese dogs, that Japanese eat pork, especially roast suckling pigs, etc?

Rōsutobuta, absolutely haram

Religious discriminations in dress codes

Every Lil' Napoleons, Muslim NGOs or even Muslim ministers have been jumping onto the hijab bandwagon ever since PAS info chief, Nasruddin Hassan or Mr Tantawi (wakakaka) had made noise about intentional hotels in Malaysia disallowing Muslim frontline female staff to wear hijab.

Worse, Tantawi railed that no one raised the issue in contrast to the Muslim-only launderette scandal. He cried out it was sheer Islamophobia but being the ultra conservative ulama he is, doesn't realise he himself had contributed grossly to said Islamophobia with his anti Valentine's Day and New Years' celebrations. See my earlier post Tantawi doesn't even know his own fault.

Only lately, a minister woken up from his sleep, Nor Omar, urban wellbeing, housing and local government minister, threatened to de-license hotels that practise that so-called discrimination, as if the hotels did so only yesterday.

I dare say everyone including the minister had been sleeping on their Islamic watch, when the hotels already had the practice for quite a while, and indeed I dare say it's the coming elections plus Encik Tantawi (wakakaka) that have squeezed their bloody balls to awaken them.

My Aneh, retired naval Commander Thayaparan wrote in Malaysiakini:

Muslim-only launderettes and banning frontline staff from wearing headscarves are not the same thing. It is not hypocritical to object to the former and have no opinion of the latter or even not object to it at all.

There is a big difference between discriminating against a person based on race or religion and having a dress code that may – 
may – affect some people because of how they identify with their religion.

Some Muslim women wear headscarves. Some Muslim women do not. [...]

marina mahthir 

hrh sultanah perak 

hrh sultanah selangor 

surely you know her 

the choice is clear here 

Re the hotel dress code, he wrote: Furthermore, this is not a question of religious beliefs. Nobody is discriminating against Muslims in this instance. This is more to do with freedom of expression.

Some – 
some – Muslim women choose to express their religious beliefs by covering up.

Now if they have a choice in this, then surely they can make a choice as to what kind of work environment they desire: a work environment which is flexible about religious expressions, or one which has a stricter dress code which limits their religious expression.

The last thing I want to know about anyone in the service industry, or any industry for that matter, is what religion they subscribe to. It does not matter if you are a Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or Muslim. What has displaying your religious affiliation have to do with the job you were hired to do?

Do you know what is discrimination? If the hotel chooses not to entertain customers who wear headscarves. This is discrimination. If the hotel chooses not to entertain customers who express their religious beliefs overtly. This is discrimination.

Some Muslim women do not think it is an obligation to cover up. Liberals are always telling us that covering up is a choice and not an obligation as some Muslims claim. So why is this an issue?

Now, I want to discuss Aneh's sentence, to wit "... one which has a stricter dress code which limits their religious expression."

What if an organisation which did NOT have hijab as its mandatory dress code, and thus as a non Muslim you join the organisation without concerns about Islamic dressing code, BUT whereafter, due to its boss' whims and fancies or political machinations  it introduces hijab as a mandatory headgear for female, but without plausible justification other than his syiok sendiri. What could the female staff do with the newly introduced MANDATORY hijab?

I dare say that's sheer discrimination, no 'ifs' no 'buts'.

As I had written twice already, the last being on Monday 13 Nov, in my posHijab discrimination? How about non-Muslims being FORCED to wear them?:

... under AAB’s regime, when the IGP (Mohd Bakri Omar) was under extreme pressure to accept the proposed Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) but did not want to, he went against AAB and quickly introduced ultra Islamic practices to distract from his insubordination.

This was when we saw the Royal Malaysian Police copycat-ing the military, requiring its non-Muslim female officers to don tudung headgear during parade, on the argument they would then present a uniformly dressed rank and file.

any choice not to wear hijab? 

What bull! Because prior to this pathetic excuse for unnecessary and insensitive Islamisation of uniforms affecting non-Muslims, did military Sikhs in their magnificent turbans on formal parade for the last hundred years ever present anything significantly non-uniformed and out of place to the rest of their non-Sikh colleagues on parade?

There's no doubt Malaysia's official Islamisation programs can, will and indeed have already affected non-Muslims, in many cases against their agreement, will and liking. Tantawi should note this and stop whining

Meanwhile in the Malaysian Insight, it reported Law needed to protect hijab-wearing workers, says Malay economics group (extracts):

PUTRAJAYA should draft an anti-discrimination law to protect workers who don the hijab, the Malay Economic Action Council (MTEM) said today amid growing furore over a policy in some international hotel chains to prevent frontline staff from wearing the headscarf.

MTEM chief executive officer Ahmad Yazid Othman also described as absurd the Malaysian Association of Hotels’s (MAH) defence of the policy, which was said to be standard operating procedure (SOP) in the industry.

"These things are still happening; we are a multiracial country and these things shouldn't (be) happening. 

any choice against wearing hijab when it's a new addition to established uniforms??

"We have been independent for 60 years, there shouldn't be any discrimination based on race," he said during a press conference at the MTEM headquarters in Damansara today.Yazid said SOPs in every work sector should be refined to ensure it fits well with all religious beliefs in Malaysia.

Are we a multiracial society where there is no discrimination based on race or religious beliefs, when Ah Moi the mata-mata is forced to wear hijab, a new addition to very established police parade uniforms?

Are we a multiracial society where there is no discrimination based on race or religious beliefs, when Ah Chong and Ramasamy in the military have to raise their hands in doa fashion, much against their religious beliefs?

any choice not to hold hands up in doa fashion? 

Abolish capital punishment

Sin Chew - Judge's discretion in death penalty (extracts):

By Azmi Sharom

For many years now Malaysia has had the mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking. This means that if a person is found guilty of trafficking then the judge has no choice but to impose the death penalty.

Now the government is making efforts to amend the Dangerous Drugs Act so that the death penalty for this offence is no longer mandatory.

In other words, the judge has a discretion and could, for example, imprison the offender instead.

This is in my opinion a good development. According to international laws and standards, the death penalty can be imposed. However, it is limited only to the most serious offences, and if we look at the decisions of international law bodies, this means crimes that actually cause death.

For example, armed robbery and kidnapping by itself does not warrant the death penalty if a human life is not lost in the process.

Furthermore, a mandatory death penalty is definitely against international standards as it means that the court has no choice in the matter and the accused has limited or no recourse to appeal the sentence.

However, we do not yet know what these amendments look like, so we can't judge just how far the changes in the law will be.

What I am hoping is that the judge will be given a true discretion. This means that he or she can take into account a variety of factors before deciding what punishment should be imposed.

A better proposal should be for our Malaysia to abolish the death penalty.

Execution is irreversible and we know that mistakes had been made by authorities before.

The death penalty does NOT deter criminals. Au contraire, Canada saw a 44% drop in murders after it abolished the death penalty.

Executing someone is the same as inhumane cold-blooded murder, masked behind a hypocritical mask of legality. It's silly argument to say the criminal must pay. That's the old biblical 'an eye for an eye' barbarism.

Malaysia must step out of this gross barbarism of 'an eye for an eye' mentality and join the enlightened world where 103 nations have abolished capital punishment.

MAIS kay-poh

Berita Daily - Masing: Why should DBP translate Bibles? (extracts):

My query is different from James Masing's.

MAIS is Selangor Islamic Religious Council so what the f**k does it have to do with Sarawak's Christian issues?

MAIS should not be so kay-poh (nosy).

Keep your grubby hands within Selangor's Islamic affairs.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Important parliamentary matters by Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek

Ladies, a grandma story from Thailand, do you know Thai ladies swore by this, that eating durians mixed with nangka (jackfruit) juice will make their breasts grow more voluptuous? But one has to take that concoction for at least 3 to 4 years before the ... er ... 'results' could manifest themselves.


juice of This 

equals (=)This 

You haven't? Hardly surprising as it's an ancient Thai women's secret.

But don't rush out to buy the durian and nangka yet, and I mean you men, not the ladies as the latter would be too shy to do so while you men ... aiyoyo, you naughty lustful boys.

Besides it's kaytee's bull, wakakaka, fake news so to speak. I thought I would have your entire dedicated attention by now, wakakaka again.

My once-blogging matey, Marina Mahathir, asked today in Malaysiakini 'Do we really need anything to make men hornier?' ...

... in relation to a parliamentary (MKINI's report follows) ... question about the government's plans to research the benefits of durian for men.

This is after Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek told Parliament about durian's purported aphrodisiac qualities and that it was "good for men."

Mr Speaker, this is a weighty matter of  ... er ... 'enormous' importance 

for RM999.99 you can transfer its opulent 'properties' to your girlfriend, mistress or secret lover, or all three ... but not your wife

"Do we really need anything to make men hornier?" Marina asked in a Facebook posting.

"If this was good for women, would anyone ask this question in Parliament? Nothing more important to ask in Parliament?" she added.

Ahmad Shabery had spoken about durian's effects on men when asked during the Minister's Question Time about the health benefits and downsides of the king of fruits.

He said he had heard about the supposed aphrodisiac qualities from a friend, adding that he would order the relevant bodies to conduct research on the matter.

The durian has been making headlines in recent months, after Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak touted exports of the fruit to China.

Marina has a point that if it had been anything good for the ladies, no one in the Malaysian Monkey House would give a damn, though by contrast
 in the Australian Parliament it's the opposite.

In early May this year, Greens Senator Larissa Waters returned to parliament for the first time since giving birth to her second daughter earlier this year, bringing the baby in for a feed during a vote on a Greens motion. That sure set everyone (the whole nation) talking including the senator herself where she tweeted:

So proud that my daughter Alia is the first baby to be breastfed in the federal Parliament! We need more #women & parents in Parli #auspol

The Australian reported: Labor frontbencher Katy Gallagher said it was a moment that deserved to be acknowledged.

senator larissa waters

“Women have been doing it in parliaments around the world ... It is great to see it is able to occur now in the Senate,” she told Sky News.

“Women are going to continue to have babies and if they want to do their job and be at work and look after their baby ... the reality is we are going to have to accommodate that.”

Labor frontbencher Katy Gallagher

she was previously CM Australian Capital Territory

And Australian parliamentary sessions are televised too!

Anyway, back to matters at home - You wonder why we are paying those monkeys money to ask stupid questions like the aphrodisiac properties of durian in Parliament ... ooops ... I mean Monkey House.

But some argued it's of national importance before those damn bloody Mainland Chinese steal our ... er ... manhood-whatever away.

Where's bloody Pekida and its Malays' last line of defence when it's really needed?

Malaysian football glories of yonder multiracial days

FMT - There’s no Malaysia in Malaysian football, says Peter Velappan (extracts):

legendary Mokhtar Dahari 

PETALING JAYA: A veteran football administrator says Malaysian football is going downhill because it’s no longer a “Malaysian game” played by the country’s different races, in the wake of the national team’s failure to qualify for the 2019 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup.

Soh Chun Aun the 'Towkay'
another of Malaysia's finest footballer

Speaking to FMT, Peter Velappan, who served as AFC secretary-general for nearly three decades, said Malaysia had the potential to be the number one footballing country in Asia, owing to its racial and cultural diversity.

R 'Spiderman' Arumugum, probably Malaysia's best goalkeeper 

“We have the talent. We proved this in qualifying for the 1972 and 1980 Olympics. Since then, our whole system of development, coaching, and team leadership has gone downhill, so we can’t produce top class talent.”

Zainal Abidin Hassan

same league as Mokhtar Dahari as a forward

when he moved forward to strike, he terrorised the opposition 

Velappan said a key reason why Malaysia had not been able to produce talent equal to the “golden generation” of the 70s and 80s, was the lack of diversity.

Santokh 'Ironman' Singh (with Mokhtar)
invincible fullback

“In my time, any state team, you would have had Malays, Chinese, and Indians. But today, where are the Chinese and the Indians?”

Lim Teong Kim - ruthless midfielder

played in Germany and also asst coach for Bayern Munich U-19 Team

Indeed, it's bad enough not to have another Mokhtar Dahari but where's the 'Spiderman' Arumugum, Santokh Singh, Soh Chin Aun, Wong Chun Wah, Chow Chee Keong, Lim Teong Kim, etc etc? Where's a Malaysian team?

Wong Chun Wah & goalkeeper Chow Chee Keong