Wednesday, December 13, 2017

In the name of Islam?

Malaysiakini - S'gor Sultan wants a halt to condoning of murder as 'jihad' (extracts):

Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah said he has been informed of people who condone murder as a form of jihad and wants such extremism to be curbed.
Addressing a gathering of imams in the state at Istana Alam Shah in Klang today, the ruler also emphasised the role of mosques in curbing such beliefs.

"I was informed that there are certain groups among Muslims who have deviated from the true teachings of Islam, to an extent that they take murder as a form of jihad demanded by Allah.

"Such belief and followings, if allowed to fester, are very dangerous and could lead to killings and split among Muslims, as seen in the Gulf states recently," he said.

Good on you, Tuanku or in more polite Malay protocol, Daulat Tuanku, but please ampun patik for a casual 'good on you' as patik is a mere blogger from Penang.

Murder is a terrible crime within any community of mankind, where one dares to end someone's life by violent means and disguises it as a fight for Islam.

But criminals have been known to be unscrupulous in 'dropping names' such as that of Allah swt in their intention to commit crimes.

Some 15 years ago in Pakistan, the most horrid story I had the misfortune to read went as follows: Two clans lived in a village in Pakistan. Call them clans A (for aggressor) and V (victim) respectively.

Apparently A-clan was of a higher caste than V-clan, though I wonder how the hell (excuse my blasphemy) the evil caste system could have existed in the claimed egalitarian society of the Islamic world.

One bastard from A-clan sodomised a 12-year boy from V-clan - I'm sure Malaysians are familiar with the term 'sodomised' so I won't bother to explain what's that.

As if that was not enough for that lustful beast, he and his clansmen (of A-clan) fabricated a story that the 12-year old sodomised victim (from V-clan) had illicit sex with a 30-year old woman from A-clan, which was a no-no because of the caste bull$h*t and not so much khalwat.

They (A-clan) took the issue to the village elders of their clan, who, would you believe, were coincidentally made up of even worst lustful beasts - 'A' now stands for @r$ehole$.

The tribal council passed a sentence of ‘revenge rape’ in a land where full syariah law was in force but apparently not enforced for some clans.

Was the decision of that council syariah-complaint in inventing a sentence obviously set up for the base gratification of lustful beasts?

The victim chosen from V-clan to receive the 'revenge rape' was Mukhtaran Mai (or Bibi), the sister of the boy. She was gang-raped by bearded beasts from A-clan including a couple of the lustful tribal council members, who must have dropped their trousers even as they passed the sentence.


Thus she was sexually brutalised on a fabricated case, AFTER her 12 year old brother was already sodomised by a beast from A-clan. As an atheist I nonetheless 'pray' we will never succumb to that sort of sentencing of 'revenge rape' despite Pakistan being supposedly fully syariah compliant. 

I'll leave that sordid affair in which the Pakistan government (at that time) was an utter disgrace, and move on to 
Muslim village in West Bengal state (India).

Ten years ago Aftab Ansari dreamed he uttered the Islamic word for divorce, ‘talaq’, three times in his sleep. His wife on hearing the dreaded word was worried and quietly discussed the matter with her friends. Soon the news spread through the village.

Under Islamic law, a husband needs only say 'talaq' or ‘I divorce you’ three times to secure a permanent end to his marriage.

So the leaders in the couple's Muslim village were consulted. Those ‘wise’ leaders decreed that Ansari's unconscious utterances constituted a divorce.

Hmmm, why would they do so?

Aha, the reason became clear when they issued further instructions, which pissed off Aftab Ansari and his wife.

Those ‘wise’ religious leaders pronounced that, if Aftab wants to remarry his ‘divorced’ wife (which he indicated he wanted to), he would have to be apart from her for at least 100 days (OK, not too bad) and here was the (syariah-compliant?) crunch, the gatal sangat bullsh*t that covers the lust behind it, which I have to say, unfortunately demeaned the religion of Islam kau kau in the process.

Those elders decreed that the wife, Sohela must spent a night with another man and then be divorced by that opportunistic bonker.

Yes, there was no lack of ‘volunteers’, chief among whom undoubtedly were the ‘wise’ religious leaders.

But 30-year-old Aftab told those leaders to f-off. OK, maybe he didn’t but kaytee feels if he didn’t he ought to have, wakakaka.

Aftab said he had no intention of leaving his wife of 11 years. So in typical sour grapes those religious leaders who missed an opportunity to discharge their lusts on a probably pretty lady, ostracised the couple because of their refusal to abide by the decision of the 'wise' village leaders.

I know the Pakistani and West Bengali weren't as horrid as our Malaysian version of disguising murder as a jihad, but were just as criminally evil.

We need to be vigilant as Tuanku has been. Daulat Tuanku again.

The Hang Tuah confusion

FMT - Guan Eng: Najib not royalty, why protect him from insult? (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said Prime Minister Najib Razak cannot be placed on the same level as royalty, with the law being used to protect him against any alleged insult.

Calling the investigations into a news portal for allegedly insulting Najib an “abuse of power”, Lim asked if leaders from the opposition would be accorded the same treatment.

“If insulting Barisan Nasional leaders like the prime minister is an offence, what about making threats of bodily harm against the Penang chief minister or those insulting the Selangor menteri besar and a former prime minister?

“I simply disagree with it, however, because the PM, Selangor MB and Penang CM should not enjoy any immunity from insults as it would weaken the democratic process of elections.

“If these insults are untrue, then defamation suits should be filed to claim compensation,” Lim said.

The DAP secretary-general was referring to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak’s statement that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission was investigating The Malaysian Insight for allegedly insulting the prime minister.

“Why were no investigations carried out against BN-controlled media such as the New Straits Times, Berita Harian, The Star and Utusan Malaysia when they lost in defamation suits in courts, paid compensation, apologised and unreservedly withdrew their false reports against me?

“Such double-standards must stop to preserve whatever little credibility is left, or else online news media such as Malaysiakini, Free Malaysia Today and The Malaysian Insight will gain a wider readership at the expense of the plunging circulation of BN-controlled media.”

Guan Eng has a valid point, that the PM of a country is still an ordinary citizen who is unprotected from reasonable degrees of criticisms, though such criticisms must not be directed at the nation's royalty.

Sadly, in our Malaysia, an elected politician such as the PM, once in office, is endowed with an aura of the Malay equivalent of 'Mandate of Heaven'.

wonder whether there is anything in it about tweeting to a sultan?


The ordinary Malays find it hard to distinguish between a PM (or MB) who is voters-elected (not directly though), to be their representative but who also becomes a PM by virtue of his party winning majority rule, from that of a Sultan who has been born into an exalted royal position.

This dilemma has existed in Malaya then Malaysia ever since the nation adopted Westminster parliamentary democracy as our political system.

The fundamental cause is that while the Malays among all ethnic groups are the most active in modern politics, the concept of parliamentary democracy and its people's representatives conflict confusingly with the Malays' concept of loyalty to a liege lord.

I call it the 'Hang Tuah Confusion'.

It basically means that while Malays are monarchists (a la Tuah and not Republicans a la Jebat), some have confusingly mistaken their elected representatives such as the PM, MB, etc as belonging to the class of 'royals', not unlike the Indian perception of their politicians-in-power as exalted Brahmins.

It's a long uphill struggle to transform the Malay mental state to that of say, a British, who believes in respect for both Westminster Parliamentary Democracy and that due to the nation's royal institution, but without confusing the former for the latter.

Pound of flesh?

MM Online - Six out of 10 bankrupts are youths ― expensive weddings may be to blame (extracts):

photos above only for illustrations of Malaysian weddings 

In a 2013 report, seasoned wedding planners told Malay Mail Online that the cost of an average wedding, across all races, has soared to above RM50,000, causing some couples to take out personal loans to pay for their nuptials if they are unable to get much financial support from their parents.

Abdul Rahman did not elaborate further on the financial stress caused by lavish weddings, but listed out the top four reasons for bankruptcy cases ― car loans at 26.63 per cent, personal loans (25.48 per cent), housing loans (16.87 per cent), and business loans (10.24 per cent).

He also revealed that most of those declared bankrupt came from Selangor, followed by the Federal Territories, Johor, and Penang.

Car loans at 26.63%?
Personal loans at 25.48%?
Housing loans at 16.87%?

Aren't these usurious and not syariah compliant?

Dictionary defines 'usurious' as charging illegal or exorbitant rates of interest for the use of money.

Why Japanese soldiers in WWII was so brutal to Chinese

FMT - China marks 80th anniversary of Nanjing massacre (extracts):

brave Jap warrior with his honourable code of Bushido decapitated naked woman and her baby in Nanjing (Nanking)

if you wonder why Chinese hate Jap, that's why

NANJING: China on Wednesday marks the 80th anniversary of the Nanjing massacre by Japanese troops, an enduring source of bad blood as present-day rivalry between the two countries keeps a spotlight on historical animosities.

Top leaders will preside over memorial services in the eastern city, Beijing says, but it is yet to confirm whether President Xi Jinping will lend weight to the occasion by attending.

Nanjing massacre of lil' kids in accordance with Jap Bushido code of honour

According to China some 300,000 civilians and soldiers were killed in a frenzy of murder, torture, rape, arson and looting in the six weeks after the invading Japanese military entered Nanjing, then the capital city, on December 13, 1937.

It remains one of the most fraught anniversaries for the two powerful neighbours due to stubborn disputes over the toll and periodic denials by Japanese arch-conservatives that the episode took place.

war trophies befitting Bushido warriors 

Many in China say this symbolises Japan’s unwillingness to completely atone for its wartime aggression.

Officially, Japan concedes that “the killing of a large number of noncombatants, looting and other acts occurred” but says it is “difficult” to determine precise figures.

bayonet practice befitting Bushido warriors 

The issue receded during the Cold War but has re-emerged as China strikes an increasingly muscular stance under Xi, while critics say Japanese revisionists have grown bolder with conservative leader Shinzo Abe. [...]

Japan invaded China in the 1930s and they fought a full-scale war between 1937 and 1945, until Japan’s defeat in World War II.

Banzai, the Emperor would be proud of me, a Bushido warrior 

China suffered immense loss of life, reserving special anger over a sense that Japan, unlike Germany, has never properly atoned.

No one has been more atrocious than the Japanese save the Nazis who have fully atoned for their crimes of unspeakable evil.

No massacre on earth has match the Japanese wanton primitive brutality in Nanjing.

Two Jap officers in Nanjing waged a bet to see who would decapitate the most number of Chinese heads, any Chinese in Nanjing, in one day. And they went about frivolous but criminally evil bet.

Chinese women were raped and then bayoneted in their private parts. Bushido warriors?

Children were tossed up in the air to be caught by the bayonets of Jap soldiers. Bushido warriors?

T'was not just a war for the Japs, t'was not just a mad massacre per se, t'was a fest of killing, one for fun by monsters.

Much as most Chinese have forgiven the average Jap, we still remember what were done by those Bushido warriors in their perversion of how an honourable warrior should behave, and what their duties were to their Emperor.

But why was there such brutality? Many suggested it's in the Japanese character, their DNA, to be cruel. Once on TV I saw-heard PM Lee Kuan Yew saying that Japan with too much military power could NOT be unpredictable. Did that mean a powerful Japan will do what she did in China and Korea and SE Asia what she did prior to and during WWII?

But strangely, the Japanese, who denigrated the Chinese shockingly as sub-humans (as the Nazis had termed the Jews, and the Israelis had termed the Palestinians), had no compunction about adopting the Chinese language as its own. It is suggested that half the Japanese vocabulary are of Chinese origin. Even the name Japan or Nihon consists of 2 Chinese characters.

riben = origin of/from the Sun = Japan 

A curious trivia in the shared language has been the Japanese adopting or inheriting the Chinese’s superstition in the utterance of the word ‘4’, pronounced as sì in both languages (in the 4th tone in Chinese), a taboo-word on auspicious occasion.

According to the Chinese dictionary, there are 15 different words pronounced as si of which 9 are in the 1st tone, 1 in the 3rd tone and five in the 4th tone.

Because the one in the 3rd tone, which means ‘die’ or ‘death’, is almost similar in pronunciation to the word ‘4’ (4th tone), its utterance is studiously avoided during auspicious occasions like weddings, birthdays, New Lunar Year period (15 days), etc.

But the Japanese easily and cleverly avoid the taboo by resorting to an indigenous Japanese word for ‘4’, namely yon. But nonetheless the avoidance indicates the Japanese inheriting Chinese belief (culture).

4 = si (pronounced shi) in Chinese and Japanese, also yon in Japanese

Thus Japanese culture borrowed heavily from and adopted Chinese culture.

Another interesting item is that the Japanese monarchy continues until today the tradition of having a Chinese name for a newborn baby. Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako named their daughter with a Chinese name, Aiko. Most Chinese would recognise the words Ai and ko (image below).

child of love 

This practice stems from medieval times when the refined Chinese language was largely (and only) spoken by Japanese royalty, nobility and the cultured, as was Latin in Europe.

Josh Hong, an occasional columnist in Malaysiakini once gave his theory on why the Chinese harbour a latent and seldom discussed animosity towards the Japanese – he believed the Chinese detested and still detest the Japanese because they couldn't accept being beaten by a barbarian race of dwarfs.

Well, I didn’t agree with his way out theory because the Chinese being brutalised, raped, tortured and massacred by the Japanese during the last war were terrible and hateful enough without their worrying about Chinese-Japanese comparative anatomical measurement.

decapitating a Nanjing woman with newly born baby

such unspeakable brutality was typical of many Japanese soldiers during WWII

My theory in contrast to Josh Hong's on why the Japanese were unusually feral with the Chinese, calling them sub-humans and showing no bounds to their bloody barbaric brutal savagery, horrendously demonstrated in the most primitive genocidal fashion in Nanjing, was (still is) that the Japanese in WWII, conscious of their 'superiority' as children of the Sun goddess Amaterasu, could not accept being culturally beholden to the 'weak man' of East Asia (at that time China).


Thus they strove to erase completely from their consciousness and physical presence this reminder of their embarrassing cultural womb.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

How are the mighty fallen

MM Online - Selangor Sultan consents to Dr M, Dr Siti Hasmah’s decision to return royal awards (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 12 ― Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has consented to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah’s decision to return the awards they had previously received from the Selangor palace.

In a statement issued by the Selangor palace today, the cancellation of the awards will be gazetted according to due procedure.

“It is informed that His Royal Highness Sultan Selangor has consented to the return of medals of honours and titles by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah without any objection,” the short statement read.

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir['s] ... decision to return the awards came shortly after the ruler publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with Dr Mahathir over the latter’s comments about Bugis people being “pirates”.

In many ways it's quite sad to see this proud old man brought to the nadir of his life achievements (or non achievements).

His last defiant gesture, stemming from his über hubris nursed, nurtured & nourished over decades of obsequious fawning & toadying, saw him returned his high awards in caustic but sorrowful merajuk-ness, but in doing so he merely added on to the insults to HRH Sultan Selangor after the indiscrete 'bugis are pirates' faux pas.

At his peak he was the most powerful man in Malaysia, second to none where he could even silence the royals. The nation's assets, resources and direction were at his complete disposal to do as he wished, wanted and willed. He could even incarcerate and reward many and pardon a few.

Now, to achieve his sunset dreams, he is forced to ally himself with people he once detested.

"O daughters of Malaysia, weep over Mahathir, Who clothed you luxuriously in scarlet, Who put ornaments of gold on your apparel.

How are the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle! O Mahathir, thou wast slain in thine high places.

(with apologies to) - 2 Samuel 1:24-25

Investigated for alleged losses by Bank Negara to the tune of RM30.5 Billion in a scandal called the FOREX Losses, I wonder how low can he be still brought down to?

Maminco? Memali? Perwaja? MAS? and so on so forth.

Much as I have been annoyed by his abuses, bullying and arrogance, I feel sad to see a very proud old man brought to his knees, as his enemies gather around him like sharks sensing his bleeding blood and bleeding pride.

Et tu Brute, he seems to cry out, but all he receives have been sniggers from men in red. That must have surely added salt to his multiple injuries.

Some old men retire with glory, some like Mahathir seem to do otherwise.


Daulat Tuanku HRH Sultan Selangor

Though I am not a Christian (as my Christian friends would grind their teeth and testify to that, wakakaka) I am very happy to see HRH and his MB, Azmin Ali, posing for a photo in front of a Christmas tree, showing their gracious religious tolerance and goodwill towards Malaysian Christians.

In today's Malaysia, this is surprisingly and bravely pleasant and indeed boding good tidings of muhibbah for our nation.

May I humbly add my goodwill and an early season's greetings too to my Christian friends who I hope will forgive me for my occasional poke at certain personalities in their religion, wakakaka, though not at their religion per se.

last one for some Malaysians, wakakaka 

Promote Malay and not Arab culture

FMT - Senator: Air stewardesses should wear shariah-compliant uniforms (extracts):

Malays in their traditional dresses 


remember her? 

KUALA LUMPUR: The government should introduce shariah-compliant uniforms for flight stewardesses serving the country’s airline companies in line with the country’s image as a Muslim country, said Senator Hanafi Mamat.

He said the move would not hurt the airline companies because their survival depended on delivery of quality service.

“We are proud that Malaysia is an Islamic country with its own cultural identity, but when our flight stewardesses dress sexily and disrespectfully, this will give tourists who use the services of our national carriers the wrong impression.

Why shariah complaint on dresses? Please believe in Allah swt, but there's no necessity to ape the Arabs as our environmental conditions are completely different, with dry moisture-sapping air in the M-E and tropical heat and high humidity in Malaysia.

Why not in accordance with Malay or Malaysian culture? Malay culture evolves over thousands of years in accordance with our surroundings. We are NOT living in the M-E or are Arabs you know.

Ideally Malays should dress in baju kurung, Indians in sari and Chinese in cheongsum, but I am supportive if all are to dress in baju kurung with (when not serving meals) selendang.

absolutely gorgeous and stunning
I have to admit I like the sari best, wakakaka 

But the best is still the gorgeous sarung kebaya, a truly Malay/Malaysian costume.

today Chinese Malaysians have taken on the cultural responsibility of keeping the sarung kebaya alive for Malaysia - thanks darlings for your keen sense of citizenship responsibility

Oz thinking of new syariah-compliant airlines to serve Middle east and Malaysia? 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Some Sabahans with secession on their minds

MM Online - DPM: Any calls for secession punishable by law (extracts):

Parties trying push for the secession of Sabah and Sarawak from Malaysia can be punished “severely” for promoting anarchy, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today.

The acting Umno deputy president warned any parties promoting slogans like “Sabah for Sabah” and “Sarawak for Sarawakians” as it runs counter to the Federal Constitution and is punishable by law.

“The action of some who seditiously incite the people with the slogans ‘Sabah for Sabah’ and ‘Sarawak for Sarawak’ is against the spirit of the Federal Constitution.

“It is this playing with fire that may lead to anarchy and national instability. Let us not reach the point where we suffer due to the intervention of foreign ploys and incitement,” Zahid said during his speech addressing Umno delegates tonight.

My several Uncles and their mateys would be very sad to learn that some Sabahans want to secede from Malaysia when many Peninsular Malaysians had sacrificed so much to protect them from an aggressive hungry Indonesia and a rapacious Philippines in the early 60's. Some Peninsular Malaysians even made the ultimate sacrifice.

Many younger Malaysians whether from Sabah or Peninsular do not know the pain and sacrifices of their nation's historical formation when we had to face an ugly Sukarno and his Konfrontasi, and Macapagal and his claim on North Borneo, thus we shouldn't be surprised by their (younger Malaysians') lack of allegiance to Malaysia.

I have a choice Penang Hokkien word to describe them but more importantly, can Sabah secede?

In the 20-point Agreement which Sabah (then as North Borneo) proposed for its incorporation into the then-new Constitution of Malaysia, some of those points were included to varying degrees while others others were merely accepted orally, thus not having any legal status.

In other words, not all 20 points were legally legislated or incorporated into the Constitution.

However, Point 7 of the 20-point Agreement states there should be no right to secede from the Federation.

Because fo Point 7, Dr Jeniri Amir from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) stated that Sarawak and Sabah has no right to secede from the federation.

However, a separatist group led by Doris Jones (of Sabah) argued that the meaning of the word "should" as in "There should be no right to secede from the Federation" is only a recommendation as opposed to "shall" which implies a command.

Thus Sabah has a right to ignore a recommendation, wakakaka.

Borneo rights activist Doris Jones, 48, heads the Sabah Sarawak Union UK, and was of course UK-based. Like Waythamoorthy, when one was UK-based, one could be more daring and politically assertive, like suing the UK government for trillions of sterling pounds, wakakaka again.

Doris posed a rather silly question to BBC News Radio Northampton, to wit, that she didn't understand why Malaysia doesn’t want to allow Sabah and Sarawak to go from the list of states in the Federation, so that they can stand on their own two feet.

Anyway, her question was of course rhetorical only as she already had an answer. Penangites would say Doris 'gau ch'an' (pandai berkeluh-kesah, good at moaning), wakakaka.

Jones said she was about ten years old when she realised that something was not right about Sabah and Sarawak being in a Federation with the peninsula. “We were not allowed to say anything,” she said. “Racism, discrimination. There’s no democracy.”

Naturally being ten years old when she obtained that impression, she might not have been aware of Peninsular soldiers, sailors and airmen defending the sovereignty of Sabah and Sarawak from very aggressive avaricious neighbours.

Yes, how the f**k would she know, and now why the f**k would she care, that without Peninsular and Commonwealth forces spilling their blood and some giving up their lives, she would probably be speaking Tagalog today, hailing President Rodigro Duterte and singing Dahil Sa'yo with him.

Incidentally, rather than ponder over the legal meaning of the verb 'should', she may wish to know that Article 2 of the Constitution of Malaysia states:

Article 2: Admission of new territories into the Federation 
2. Parliament may by law— 
(a) admit other States to the Federation; 
(b) alter the boundaries of any State, 
but a law altering the boundaries of a State shall not be passed without the consent of that State (expressed by a law made by the Legislature of that State) and of the Conference of Rulers.

In other words, as per explained by our DAP man Dr Abdul Aziz Bari sometime ago, Article 2 of the Constitution implies that the Malaysian Parliament has the final say on the secession of a state from the federation, as it did to Singapore in 1965 (which BTW did not secede as Singaporeans like to believe, but was kicked out by Tunku, wakakaka).

 PKR does not like him 

Then secessionists-wannabe would also have to contend with agreement and approval by the Conference of Rulers.

And according to good old Prof Bari, any suggestions about secession of Sabah and Sarawak from Malaysia would be punishable under the Sedition Act.

It seems that the DPM has been right despite his notoriety of frequently putting his foot in his mouth, wakakaka.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

DAP salt-of-the-earth blokes

FMT - DAP members come to Zaid’s defence, report lodged against Jamal’s threat (extracts):

DAP members lead by Lim Lip Eng (middle) gathered outside of Dang Wangi police station to show solidarity for Zaid Ibrahim

Ronnie Liu 2nd from right

A group of DAP members, led by Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng, lodged a police report here today against Sungei Besar Umno division chief Jamal Yunos for threatening to “smash the head” of former minister Zaid Ibrahim.

DAP central executive committee member Ronnie Liu said that he, Lim and the other members had gathered at the Dang Wangi police station here after making a report to show solidarity with Zaid, who is also a DAP member.

“I personally think he used his right to speak out as a Malaysian, and to me he has no intention to run down anybody,” he said, adding that Zaid was defending Pakatan Harapan chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad. [...]

On Friday, the Red Shirts leader, armed with a sledgehammer and a cutout of Zaid, said people in Selangor had lost patience over the fact that no action had been taken against the DAP politician.

He had then threatened to “hammer” the former minister’s head if no action was taken against him for his criticism of the Selangor sultan, prompting Zaid to tweet that he would seek to meet with Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi, who is also home minister, as soon as possible over “his safety and that of his family”. [...]

jamal must have failed his bahasa paper as there's no such malaya word as 'biadap'


... Lim, who is also a lawyer, said Jamal’s statement was a clear threat and insult.

“I handled a case where a businessman was accused of insulting the prime minister and wife by holding a Chinese placard saying ‘chicken and hippo go to hell”.

“If that warrants a criminal charge, what more about Jamal?” he asked.

Lim said Zaid had told him that he did not lodge any police report against the controversial Umno leader.

It was earlier reported that Selangor DAP chairman Tony Pua had distanced himself from Zaid’s controversy, saying members were free to express their opinions but they should also be prepared to deal with the repercussions.

Good old Ronnie Liu - you can rely on this salt-of-the-earth bloke, and likewise with Lim Lip Eng.

Ronnie Liu & Lim Lip Eng 

Penangites would say in Hokkien that they have 'gee k'ee', meaning loyalty of brotherhood, sadly a sterling quality somewhat missing among DAP Young Turks (if you know who, wakakaka), as was evident recently when a former benefactor was rudely and arrogantly dismissed as a 'nobody'.

By the by, are members of a political party, especially the DAP, really free to express their opinions?

Hasn't that been f* careless tok-kok with a pair of Pontius Pilate 'hygienic hands'?

Such nonsense are liable to misled some hot-heads into making seditious insults, especially for Chinese DAP members or even younger Malay DAP members like Dyana Sofya?

what a sweetie in all her gorgeous 'Malay-ness' 

Read also: un-Chinese Tony Pua.